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Handmade pottery inspired by nature.

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Noelle strives to create timeless, functional ceramics inspired by nature. Art is found in the everyday, and handmade pottery creates a timeless and thoughtful feeling to any fare, from a mug filled with steaming coffee, a brunch gathered with friends, or an evening gathered with family. Handcrafted pottery brings people together with intentionality and timelessness.

2024 Markets:

Floral Line Art
Floral Line Art

April 26 & 27: Stonebrook artisan market, Steinbach Curling Club

april 26: 5:00-9:00 pm

April 27: 10:00 Am -3:00Pm

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Hi, I’m Noelle!

I am a potter, artist, and entrepreneur. I love creating pottery that is functional, unique, and inspired by nature. I have always loved making art and being creative. In high school I taught myself to draw, paint with watercolors, as well as create realistic graphite portraits. This fueled my love and passion for creating art. I worked part-time in order to buy supplies for my various artistic endeavors. I came across a YouTube video of a highly skilled potter throwing a teapot on the potter’s wheel. I was amazed by the potter’s ability to take a chunk of clay, and create a beautiful piece of pottery. I thought to myself "This is what I want to do." So after high school I worked several part-time jobs in order to be able to purchase the necessary equipment, tools, and supplies to create pottery. Even though I knew nothing about pottery when I started, I knew that being a potter was my dream job, and I practiced continually and grew my skillset day-by-day. I loved how pottery is a practical, functional, and beautiful form of art that people can bring into their day- to- day life. I began learning pottery in the summer of 2022, and am still in love with the process today. I am completely self-taught, and I enjoy learning new things. Teaching myself to make pottery has taken lot of trial and error, as it is a craft with a lot of difficult steps within the creative process, care within the process, and I am continually learning to embrace the joys, the failures, and the messiness of the process. No potter is ever done learning, and I have found that learning through failure is the best way to improve your skills.


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